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Contact us for quotation and further inquiries.



Need Help with Pest Infestation in Your Area?

Pestcare as a Pest Management Solution for You

1. Contact Us

Call us on 1500 166 or by filling in the online form

  • Monday-Friday (8.00 - 17.00 WIB)

  • Your request will be responded quickly (max. 24 hours)

2. Survey

We will think about your pest problem, schedule a survey, and provide offers and recommendations.

  • Get a schedule that work for you

  • The solution according to your specific pest problem

  • Innovative and effective treatment

3. Contract

We will provide a quotation after survey visit to your area. Once agreed, a contract agreement will be made.

Your pest problem will be handled directly by our trained and certified technicians.

  • Fast and effective service

  • Environmentally-friendly pest control

  • Prioritizing health and safety

4. Service

5. Monitor & Report

We make sure to handle your pest infestation as much as possible.

We will carry out pest control regularly and make sure to update you on the results and findings.


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