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pest control, pembasmi hama profesional, rayap, tikus, kecoa, nyamuk, lalat


To become a leading provider of pest control and hygiene management services with reference to "Quality Assurance and Environment Friendly Solution"


Providing pest control services by prioritizing customer satisfaction through increasing Prevention, Exclusion, Sanitation, and Treatment


PT Indocitra Pacific is a support services company that is part of the Ecocare Group (Hygiene Services), led by Mr. Hendrik Yong and Mr. Arif Yulianto (HM. Yong), who has more than 25 years of experience since this industry was born & developed.

PT Indocitra Pacific with the Pestcare brand is committed to customer satisfaction, service quality, value of service , and customer image towards public assessment. Quality Assurance is the core mission which is the trademark of the company's commitment so that customers get benefits, benefits, and satisfaction from services. With proven expertise and experience in their fields, Pestcare is a solution that cares about the sustainability, safety and comfort of the environment, people and your business.

Our Business

Using the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program is a concept of pest control by combining several control methods to create an area or area that is free from pest infestations. Supported by certified personnel, equipment, machines and chemicals that are safe for the environment, we can continue to grow and are trusted by various customers in various sectors of the commercial and residential industry.

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