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Dangers of Flies for Our Health

No stranger to this one creature. They are everywhere even so close to us.

Here are some types of fly species:

  • House Fly

  • Flash Fly

  • Blue Bottle Flies

  • Green Bottle Flies

  • Fruit Flies

  • Phorid Flies

  • Moth Flies

Flies have a life cycle of about 8-10 days starting from larvae to complete form.

Flies are very attracted to CO2, ammonia, and perishable organic matter.

Flies are able to lay 100-150 eggs on surfaces such as food, furniture, and so on.

Flies must be controlled because they can have bad health impacts such as:

  1. Estamoeba dysenteriae/ Entamorba hestolyca.

  2. Kala-azhar disease is a disease caused by the group of protozoa namely Laishmania donovani.

  3. Sleeping sickness is a disease caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma gambiense.

But how to control fly pests as follows:

  • Place plants that flies don't like like basil, lavender, lemongrass, etc.

  • Dispose of Garbage Regularly

  • Use Scented/Essential Oil

  • Make your own homemade fly repellent spray (vinegar/clothing deodorizer/etc)

Don't make your home or work environment a breeding ground for flies or investment in flies.

Hopefully this article can have a positive impact on society.

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