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Disinfection Services
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Disinfection and sanitation solutions by Pestcare (supported by Tukangbersih) for residential, commercial, office and industrial use. Disinfectant service is a treatment service to remove bacteria and viruses that stick to the surface of inanimate objects using a special chemical disinfectant and special equipment.

The advantages of our disinfectant services are:

  • Using an environmentally friendly disinfectant liquid

  • HALAL certified

  • Safe to use for regular use.

Disinfectant Service is divided into 2 methods, namely:

  • Spraying to all parts of the room, this technique is carried out using chemical disinfectants and special equipment.

  • Wipe (Wiping / Wiping) surface areas with chemical disinfectants, especially surfaces that are often touched by hand (such as door handles, stair handles, and so on).

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