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Pestcare Sales Training

By. Dede Yulham Yahya

On this occasion, I will provide an interesting experience for all of you to discuss about Pestcare.

News comes from Pestcare which has carried out sales training held at the Ecocare Bogor branch on February 23, 2021 with me and accompanied by colleagues who I admired.

This training activity does not only focus on sales activities, but covering several aspects such as Product Knowledge, Job Description, and Survey procedures.

The implementation of this sales training involves at least 10-15 people from

Board of Director and Branch Manager because they have to prioritize health protocol

as one of the steps to help government programs to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

This sales training program aims to provide participants with input and basic knowledge about Pestcare, and in the future, to provide pest management solutions.

I am responsible as a Technical Specialist to provide this training to colleagues.

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