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Types of Termites

Method of Control

1. Tree Termites

Living in a tree that is still alive and not in contact with the ground

2. Wet Wood Termites

In nature, it lives on old plants that are dead and not in contact with the soil

Requires high humidity in wood to survive

3. Drywood Termites

In nature, live on dead wood of plants or dry twigs.

Needs little moisture to survive

Colonies can be found on the roofs of houses, furniture

Easily detectable via fecal pellets.

4. Subterranean termites

- Nesting on the ground, especially those close to the material

organic containing cellulose

- In Indonesia, which often destroys the buildings of the Family

Termitidae à Macrotermes spp, Odontotermes spp,

Microtomes spp can attack objects within 200 m from

the nest

- Able to break through walls with the help of the Enemy

his mouth

- Forms a mound on the ground,

- Attack on buildings with a maximum height

up to 2 m DPA

5. Subterranean Termites

- Abdomen yellow - like sulfur

- Make a mound in the garden

1. Prevention

- Minimizing the use of woody materials

- Avoid direct contact of woody parts of

building structure with soil

- Using wood that is resistant to termite attacks


- Perform anti-termite treatment before building on

Wake up

- Ensure that there are no leaks in the building structure

- Good ventilation, air circulation, and lighting

- Sowing mountain lime on the land to be built

2. Exclusion

- - Covering the floor surface with a plastic sheet

contains Deltamethrin

3. Sanitation

- Make sure there is no used wood or leftover logs

trees around the building

- Maintain humidity in the building space

4. Treatment


Implemented when the building was not finished

1. Soil Pre Treatment

- Foundation Treatment, spray the excavation section of the foundation

- Floor Treatment, spray the landfill floor

Chemical Barrier

Implemented when the building is finished.

- Rice Planting Injection System: open floor surface injection

with a distance of 1M between points.

In general, this is done in a warehouse for storing goods

Baiting System

Favorite Food

1. Likes materials that contain cellulose. Example: wood,

cotton, and paper

2. Some woods are resistant to certain types of termites

Signs of Termite Infestation

1. The presence of alates

2.There is a termite tunnel/tunnel (active or inactive)

3. There is a damaged wood-based property

4. The presence of fecal pellets

Termite Inspection

- Search for an active Termite Tunnel or Groove

- Looking for Subnet

- Check all properties made of wood with

how to tap tap

How Termites Get Into Buildings

1. Fly

2. Creeping

3. Get carried away

Termite Theory of Life


  • Blind, active for 24 hours

  • Living in a colony

  • Cryptobiotic - building mud tubes

  • Eating wood / cellulosic materials

  • Metamorphosis: hemimetabola

  • Polymorphy à "commune" society in castes

  • Basic pheromones are released by the queen

  • Trophalaxis

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Types of Termites

Don't let your environment become a home for termites

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