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Mosquito Food Habits

Caused Diseases

1. Female mosquitoes suck blood for egg development

2. Males and females eat flower nectar and fruit juice

Breeding sites

1. Elephant Foot Disease Caused by Filarial Worms

2. Cikungunya Caused By Alphavirus

3. Malaria Caused by Protozoan Parasites

4. Dengue Caused By Dengue Virus

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Method of Control

1. Put the eggs in a clear water reservoir

2. Usually lay eggs in swamps and lakes

3. Put eggs in dirty water

1. Prevention

- Maintain cleanliness of the room

- Installing the Strip Curtain Device  

2. Sanitation

- - Regularly drain the water container/tank

- Cover the water container/tank so that it does not become a nest

- Hoarding / burying unused items

3. Treatment

- Larviciding (giving the drug 'abate' on the surface of the water)

- Residual Spraying

- Cold Fogging

- Thermal Fogging

- Misting

1. Common Types of Mosquitoes

- Aedes Sp.

Put the eggs in clear water


- Culex Sp.

Put the eggs in dirty water

- Anopheles Sp.

Often lay eggs in swamps or lakes

2. Life Cycle

- Males live for approximately 7 days

- Females live approximately 14 days  

Types of Mosquitoes

Your neighborhood is a nest for mosquitoes?

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