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Store Product Insects (SPI)

One of the obstacles in storing corn, rice, soybean, flour products is the attack of warehouse pests.


One of the corn warehouse pests for example is Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).


This pest is found in hot and humid areas.


These pests are polyphagous, can destroy cereals such as rice/grain, maize, wheat, and sorghum, which causes loss of maize yield in tropical regions due to S. zeamais in the range of 30 100% of the product.


Generally, pests of the SPI type are often found in warehousing and industrial areas.

  • coleoptera or beetles

  • lepidoptera or moth

  • psocoptera or book / bark lice

Favorite Food

Grains and flour such as:

  • corn

  • rice

  • soy

  • wheat flour

- We offer a Free Inspection of your premises and buildings.


- Technicians licensed by LAP (Pesticide Applicator License) or ALAP

(Assistant Pesticide Applicator License) can provide services

pest exterminator (SPI) which is effective and on target

custom designed according to your request.


- Treatment includes control over potential areas

target pests and we will advise on what action

which must be done.

Make sure the product or raw material purchased is not contaminated by warehouse pests by checking the goods or materials.

Types of SPI

1. Granary Weevil

The name of this article is:

2. Rice Weevil

The name of this article is:

3. Maize Weevil

The name of this article is:

4. Lesser Grain Borer

The name of this article is:

5. Angoumois


As a Pest Management Professional, our technicians will identify the source of the infestation.


In most cases, we recommend immediate disposal of the affected material before it can contaminate other products.


The use of pheromone traps can also attract insects and as a means of monitoring the insect population of warehouse pests.

Primary Pests / Internal Feeders

- Strike the Whole Point.

- Larvae develop in Granules

Secondary Pests / External Feeders

Does not spoil the whole grain

Eating Crumbs / Spattered Grain

Siklus Hidup Kumbang.png

Types of Beetles

Warehouse Pest Infestation has a big loss impact on business activities, especially the food processing industry

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