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Gecko/ Lizard

( Gekkonidae )

Lizard and gecko is included in the Class of Reptiles and is a nocturnal animal (active at night). Almost all cold-blooded reptiles whose body temperature is greatly influenced by environmental temperature (Poikiloterm) means that they do not have a perfect metabolism in regulating body temperature mechanisms. The common lizard found in the Industrial area usually

Control Method - Indoor

Types of Geckos

- Lizard at Home

- Tree Lizard

- Gecko / Gekko

Control Method - Outdoor

To monitor and catch lizards, an Insect trap can be installed, which is a trap containing pesticide-free glue.

Habitat of Lizards

In general, lizards/geckos like to nest on the ceiling of the house, behind hanging picture frames, warehouses, or other quiet places.


If left unchecked, the lizard will dispose of waste carelessly and may fall on the bed, dining table, and others.

The lizard's body has the potential to be filled with various harmful germs and bacteria. One type of bacteria commonly found in the body of a lizard is Escherichia Coli or commonly known as E. Coli.

These bacteria are widely recognized as one of the main causes of stomach upset or other digestive disorders.

These bacteria can cause stomach upset or indigestion.

To monitor and catch the lizard, an Insect trap can be installed, which is a glue trap and free of pesticides. If necessary, spray the lizard using 70% alcohol to drop the lizard from a high place so that it is easy for technicians to catch.

'To avoid predators, the lizard will break off its tail as a distraction to escape.'

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Types of Lizards

Lizard / Gecko pests can disturb the surrounding environment

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