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(Aves )

Bird (bird) is one of the vertebrates that experience perfect body composition. Some birds have large body sizes and are active foraging in the morning and evening.

Control Method - Outdoor

Types of Pest Birds

1. Pigeon (Pigeon)

2. Sparrow (Sparrow)

3. Starlings (Starlings)

  • Installation of the net/bird's net

  • Installation of mechanical traps and glue traps

Control Method - Indoor

  • Glue trap installation in the resting area

  • Laying the net (bird's net)

Diseases Often Caused by Bird Pests

1. Histoplasmosis


The respiratory disease that affects humans comes from a fungus that grows in dry bird droppings.

2. Candidiasis

A fungal or fungal infection spread by pigeons.

This disease can affect the health of the skin, mouth, respiratory system, intestines, and urogenital tract

3. Cryptococcosis

This type of bird disease is caused by yeast that comes from the intestinal tracts of pigeons and starlings.

The disease starts with a type of disease that affects the lungs - then it can affect the central nervous system.

4. St. Louis Encephalitis

This disease attacks inflammation of the nervous system, usually causing drowsiness, headache and fever.

It can even result in paralysis, coma or death. St. Louis encephalitis can affect all age groups, but it often affects adults over the age of 60.

5. Salmonellosis

The bacteria in this disease are found in bird droppings that are in the dust from feces - so they can be contaminated through ventilators and air conditioners that contaminate food surfaces in restaurants, homes and food processing factories.

Birds are group animals. These animals can also migrate from one place to another.

If they find a suitable place for nesting, the entire group will occupy a place such as a building ceiling or attic.

If their existence is allowed to continue, there will be a buildup of bird droppings which will cause various diseases.

Signs of Bird Infestation

  • A flock of birds sounded

  • Falling bird's nest material

  • Damage and dirty buildings or

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Types of Birds

Birds can carry dangerous diseases

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