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Bed bugs are a pest that should not be tolerated.


Its presence reduces comfort while sleeping and makes you itchy.


Not only that, but it also makes the mattress look dirty and smell musty.


If you find fleas in your mattress, it's best to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

The reason is, bed bugs including animals that are easy to breed and can spread to other corners of the house quickly.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Most people wonder where bed bugs come from.


Bed bugs are parasitic insects that move from one place to another by attaching to animals, people, pieces of clothing or furniture.


They are productive breeders and reproduce rapidly in any environment.


You can get them through used clothes, furniture, discount items, and anything else that looks unhygienic.

Pesticide Treatment

1. For indoor bed bug treatment, priority will be given to

use a vacuum for floors, carpets, sofas, etc.

2. Using heat treatment

3. For crack and crevice, if possible spray can be done

using SOLFAC WP *.

* Need to ask permission from the customer in advance for the application of this pesticide and keep it to a minimum.


Always keep the bed clean by changing the bed cover and keeping the humidity as low as possible.

Warming up

Bed bugs are particularly averse to hot temperatures and sunlight.


It is important to make sure that sunlight is entering the room or drying the bed periodically.


A thorough inspection is needed to find the source of the bed bug breeding.

Make sure the building is in good shape. It needs to be sealed off every crack and crevice with a sealant.


We can get them through used clothes, furniture, discount items, and anything else that looks unhygienic.

Suck blood at night

Siklus Hidup Bed Bug.jpg

Spot Inspection

1.The back of the painting

2. Drawer Corner

3. Behind the head mattress

4. angle mattres


6. The end of the chair / sofa

7.Cot feet

8. Carpet



11. Wall lights

12.Electric socket

Bed Bug

A bed bug infestation makes us uncomfortable after waking up and can cause a rash on the skin.

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